Sealing technology

Today, seals are used in extreme operating conditions and must seal permanently to ensure production processes are safe. Createc specializes in the production of high-quality seals and sealing systems made of composite materials.

The right sealing solution for your application.

O-ring, spring-elastic PTFE seal or metal C-ring. Increasing safety and quality requirements for processes and production equipment, as well as steadily growing cost pressure, determine everyday life in many production plants. As a market-leading and internationally active company, we specialize in the manufacture of high-quality seals and sealing systems made of innovative composite materials and offer you individual solutions for your sealing application. Many users rely on elastomers as sealing materials for their seals. Particularly important is the resistance of the seals to high pressures and high and low temperatures. In addition to our CREAFLEX® O-ring range, we also offer CREAFLON® spring-elastic PTFE seals and CREALLOY® metal seals as C-rings.




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We are a young, successful company and distribute high-tech materials worldwide, offering our customers innovative high-tech solutions for the medical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries. The customer's needs are our focus. We provide competent and reliable advice based on in-depth industry knowledge and many years of application experience.