The new metal C-rings from Createc.

Metal seals for extreme temperatures.

In applications with extreme high or low temperature (+650°C to -250°C), very long service life, high radiation exposure and wherever very low leakage rates are required, CREALLOY® metal seals are used.

Property profile

CREALLOY® metal seals are perfect for use in the temperature range from -250°C to +650°C, for required long service lives, for high radiation exposure and wherever very low leak rates are required. CREALLOY® metal gaskets are seals used in force shunt applications. Unlike flat gaskets, CREALLOY® metal gaskets can compensate for deformation and expansion of the flange leaves due to their elastic recovery. Even at extreme high and low temperatures, CREALLOY® metal gaskets do not become brittle.


CREALLOY® metal gaskets are made of extremely heat and corrosion resistant materials. As a rule, Inconel 718 and Inconel 750 are used. Special materials are possible. Plating materials are: Silver, copper, nickel, gold, PTFE and tin. Possible spring materials are: Elgiloy, Inconel and Nimonic.


CREALLOY® metal seals are available as axial seals as well as radial seals. Compared to other seals, they have the lowest leakage rate up to 10-⁹ ml/s, withstand a pressure range of up to 5,000 bar. Due to the elastic recovery, deformations of the sealing surfaces can be compensated. With CREALLOY® metal seals, no damage occurs due to explosive decompression. In addition, the gaskets are characterized by a long service life, very high resistance to aggressive media and resistance to radiation. CREALLOY® metal gaskets are available in a temperature range from -250°C to +650°C.


The CREALLOY® metal gasket is a C-shaped gasket made of metal with a soft coating. When the gasket is installed, the soft coating flows into the surface roughness of the component sealing surfaces under high contact pressure. This closes the smallest leakage paths and achieves extremely high tightness. If pressure is applied to the CREALLOY® metal gaskets, the sealing effect is increased in proportion to the pressure. CREALLOY® metal seals can be used as static and dynamic seals. They are available as axial seals as well as radial seals. For high tightness requirements, CREALLOY® metal seals can also be supplied with springs.

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