The new generation of wear-free composite materials.

CREALITE® stands for the highest material standards

CREALITE® pump solutions are extremely durable due to salt water resistance and tremendous impact and shock resistance. Thanks to the same coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel, CREALITE® pump solutions are universally applicable.

Property profile

CREALITE® composites are an extremely lightweight material with a density of 2kg/dm3. Yet the material is extremely strong and has high mechanical stiffness - resulting in a low coefficient of friction similar to that of PTFE.

Continuous loading is therefore not a problem for these pump bearings. Unlike many other composites, CREALITE® has excellent salt water resistance and high wear resistance in abrasive media, which prevents the formation of corrosion.

The high impact and shock resistance as well as the ductility make CREALITE® the long-lasting pump solution. Thanks to self-lubrication, excellent dry-running capability is also ensured. The efficiency of CREALITE® products is therefore ensured even if there is no water for start-up during several start-stop cycles.


CREALITE® Advanced Fiber-Reinforced Thermoset Structural Composites outperform conventional non-metallic wear materials such as natural rubber, carbon graphite and carbon reinforced PEEK. CREALITE® provides a cost-effective pump bearing and wear ring solution through superior material performance, resulting in significant cost savings.


Higher reliability and operational safety of the pump

Thanks to wear-resistant bearings and wear rings, the overall service life of the pumps is increased. Due to the very good emergency running properties, there is no risk of "seizure" when the rotor and impellers start up with the mating partner. This protects the expensive rotors and impeller components.

CREALITE® products have very good corrosion resistance and high wear resistance against cavitation and erosion. Also the insensitivity to pressure and temperature fluctuations, as well as aggressive media, seawater and high flow velocities make CREALITE® the robust and durable pump solution.

Better running smoothness and damping of the pump

Excellent damping properties reduce vibration of the running noise and reduces the running clearance by up to 50 %. The reduced vibrations and oscillations have a positive effect on the service life of the pump.

Cost savings in pump operation, service and repair

Smaller gap clearances, higher efficiency and thus lower energy costs sustainably reduce operating costs. Thanks to longer maintenance intervals (MTBF), service costs are also reduced.

In addition, repair costs are minimized because the bearings and wear rings can be replaced simply and easily. Because there is no damage to the mating partner after the rotor, bearings and impellers have started up, there are no further costs in this area. CREALITE® therefore offers savings all along the line.


Plastic bushings - above average wear resistance.

The thermoplastic composite materials can withstand an operating temperature of -50°C to +180°C. In addition to temperature resistance, the plastic bushings also feature above-average wear resistance.

Plain bearings - robust and heat-resistant.

The plain bearing material is both heat resistant and robust. With a density of 2kg/dm3, the composite is lightweight but has a high material strength. This means that Createc bearings can be used in salt water and under permanent high loads without any problems.

Wear rings - the better choice.

CREALITE® is the cost-effective wear ring solution: Unlike wear materials such as natural rubber or carbon graphite, CREALITE® composite materials withstand extreme load tests. This massively reduces high operating and repair costs.

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