CREAFLON® spring-elastic PTFE seals made of polytetrafluoroethylene are characterized by universal resistance to most media compared to all other plastics and elastomers.

The spring-elastic PTFE seal

The PTFE material is not attacked by solvents or other aggressive chemicals. The PTFE material shows no change after contact with most chemicals. Moisture and UV radiation do not cause volume changes or embrittlement. CREAFLON® PTFE seals are generally suitable for applications under extreme conditions.

Property profile

The CREAFLON® spring-elastic PTFE seal impresses with chemical resistance to almost all media, low wear, low coefficient of friction, a pressure application range of up to 4,000 bar, a temperature application range of -200°C to +300°C, steam sterilizability and long service life. When pressure is applied, the sealing effect is increased in proportion to the pressure. The seal can be manufactured in a diameter range of 2 to 3,000 mm without tooling costs.


CREAFLON® spring elastic PTFE gaskets consist of PTFE pure white or PTFE with fillers. In the latter case, carbon, graphite, glass, bronze, stainless steel or thermoplastic are available as possible fillers. When a design with spring is desired, this is made of Elgioly and Inconel.


The CREAFLON® PTFE seal is a spring-reinforced grooved ring that generates sealing action through spring preload and the applied pressure. The seal can be designed as a radial or axial seal. Design versions with coiled spring or V-spring as well as individual seal designs are possible, whereby the sealing and friction force can be adjusted by the springs.

CREAFLON® spring-elastic PTFE seals can be used as static and dynamic seals. They can be mounted in grooves that have been punched (closed).
CREAFLON® spring-elastic PTFE seals are ideally suited for use in the aerospace, medical technology, food industry, semiconductor industry, compressors, fittings and pump industry, equipment in the petroleum and chemical industry.

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