PEEK performance for your pump operation.

Performance enhancing.

CREACOMP® PEEK/CF composites are the ideal material for any pump application: PEEK material has excellent tribological, mechanical and damping properties and is wear and corrosion resistant.

Property profile

PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic. As a composite material, it combines many useful properties that are particularly important in pump operation: In addition to tribological and mechanical properties, extreme chemical and corrosion resistance, and enormous wear resistance, the material also has excellent damping properties. The first-class emergency running properties have an equally positive effect on pump performance, as the risk of pump failure is significantly reduced. Compared to metallic composites, the CREACOMP® composite material has a significantly lower coefficient of friction and a lower weight.

Low-temperature or high-temperature applications and pressure fluctuations are also no problem for PEEK composite materials thanks to their low temperature expansion and insensitivity to pressure. The high ductility prevents damage from thermal shock, impact and shock loading. With CREACOMP® PEEK material from Createc, you thus benefit from a combination of strength, durability and uncomplicated usability.


CREACOMP® PEEK/carbon fiber composites have excellent mechanical properties and exhibit high temperature resistance. Compared to metallic materials, PEEK/carbon fiber composites have excellent corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and very good tribological properties.

The first-class emergency running properties of CREACOMP® PEEK/carbon fiber composites reduce a pump's risk of failure and protect the rotor, impeller and casing during start-up with the mating partner. The reduction of running clearances increases the efficiency of the pump, reduces energy consumption and thus leads to significant cost savings in pump operation.


Risk of production downtime is minimized:

The use of CREACOMP® composites increases the reliability of the pump. This minimizes the risk of pump failure and possible loss of production.

Longer service life of the pump:

Smoother running due to reduced vibrations, as CREACOMP® has excellent damping properties; additional prevention of total damage to a pump

Efficiency increase of the pumps:

Reduction of running clearances by up to 50%

Longer service life of bearings and wear rings:

Higher wear and corrosion resistance of critical components, such as bearings, wear rings and races

Reduction of operating costs (life cycle cost):

Pumps are more economical from production to service

Less downtime:

Due to longer maintenance intervals of the production plant, trouble-free installation, longer running times of the plant


For special applications, such as on offshore platforms, in power plants or desalination plants, pumps are required where size, weight, energy and maintenance requirements are decisive criteria. Special process pumps with medium-lubricated bearings are suitable here. These high-performance pumps are more compact and lighter in design. They are more efficient because their bearings are lubricated directly with the pumped medium. However, the demands on the bearing material are high.

Alternative materials, such as silicon carbide (SiC) and hard metals, are brittle, so that stress cracks and fractures occur very quickly. Despite its hardness, the CREACOMP® PT-200 material exhibits high ductility and is insensitive to impact and shock loads. This facilitates the design of the plain bearings, the assembly and transport of the pump and allows trouble-free pump operation, even under extreme operating conditions.

In terms of running behavior, CREACOMP® PT-200 outperforms the usual bearing and wear properties of alternative materials in medium-lubricated pump bearings.

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