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Medical technology.

CREAMEDTEC®: High-quality carbon fiber composite materials for orthopedic and clinical applications

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a special surgical technique that places particular demands on the instruments used. Since metallic components cannot be used due to a lack of X-ray transparency, composites are used - so-called CFRP materials, carbon fiber reinforced plastics. These have several advantages: they are lightweight, X-ray transparent and have high mechanical strength.

Createc and its partners process the special plastic on state-of-the-art, computer-controlled production lines. Thanks to efficient 3D measurement, the mechanical production of CFRP components succeeds at the highest level of precision.

CREAMEDTEC® products not only absorb less moisture than conventional plastic, but can also be sterilized several times (steam, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation). The composite material used has a higher strength with a significantly lower weight compared to metallic materials. It is therefore ideally suited for clinical applications.

Design and engineering service: from idea to product.

Decades of experience in the development of innovative and highly complex medical devices characterize our expertise in composite design and engineering: Starting with the feasibility analysis, individual composite, design and engineering recommendations up to the creation of the finished product. This also includes the complete concept of the production strategy.

Machining and process experience that is second to none.

Createc offers solutions along the entire value chain and has broad expertise in state-of-the-art production technology, such as compression molding, pultrusion, winding technology, injection molding, fiber placement and 3D printing, CNC manufacturing, assembly of complex assemblies including laser welding, special bonding techniques, color design and packaging.

Their demands are high, ours are higher.

Quality management:

Our composites are extensively tested for biocompatibility and are clinically evaluated. Our company Createc is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 and is a listed, accepted company with the FDA.
To ensure a comprehensive quality assurance system throughout the production cycle, we use strategic tools to assess risks, among other things, guaranteeing a stable manufacturing process.

Logistics and customs clearance: Efficiency is what's needed here.

Our smooth logistics chain is based on optimally coordinated processes: As an Authorized Economic Operator, Createc ships goods internationally quickly and securely. In particular, our automated and digitalized customs management is precisely adapted to individual company processes.

High-quality carbon fiber composite materials for orthopedic and clinical applications

We are a young, successful company and distribute high-tech materials worldwide, offering our customers innovative high-tech solutions for the medical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries. The customer's needs are our focus. We provide competent and reliable advice based on in-depth industry knowledge and many years of application experience.