With the introduction of minimal invasive surgery (MIS) and the changes in operating techniques to treat bone fractures, new requirements have been placed on the instruments used. Due to X-ray opacity, metal components have to be replaced by alternative materials. The use of composite materials offers the solution.

Requirement profile for composites:

  • High mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Transparent to X-ray radiation
  • Precision mechanical processing possible
  • Dimensional stability after multiple sterilizations
  • Biocompatibility
  • Low weight
  • Freedom of design during product development

As a longstanding and experienced supplier for sealing technology, it is of considerable importance to us to always be state-of-the-art in technology. Only in this way are we able to provide you with innovative, reliable and high-performance product solutions, which optimally support you in your company processes. MEDTEC 1475 is just one example for the successful implementation of our development work in the composite area.

Contact us if you are looking for a reliable partner in composite materials and profit from our profound know-how and our first class service.

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