Chemical resistance

Material no. Polymer type Temp. °C (min) Temp. °C (max) Temp. °F (min) Temp. °F (max) Area of application
PFE-320 FFKM – 15°C + 320°C + 5°F + 608°F
  • Special FFKM compound with universal chemical resistance
  • High temperature compound with thermal stability up to + 608°F
PFE-260 FFKM – 20°C + 260°C - 4°F + 500°F
  • Special FFKM compound with universal chemical resistance
  • Excellent hot water/steam resistance up to + 500°F
CR-250 FKM – 20°C + 250° C - 4° F + 482° F
  • Special FKM compound for high temperatures up to + 482°F in critical API media such as sour gas (H2S), amines, hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene), methanol
CR-200 FKM – 20° C + 200°C - 4° F + 392° F
  • Standard FKM compound (70 % fluorine) with broad chemical resistance

More safety for your production process!

Seals and gaskets protect chemical products against external influences and contamination during the process and help to prevent emissions. If the most optimal sealing material is used, process safety, availability and plant efficiency are increased.

CREAFLEX® perfluor elastomers offer universal resistance to chemicals at high pressures and temperatures, even in the most aggressive process media.
The CREAFLEX® sealing systems satisfy the most stringent standards for purity and traceability of the materials used. They meet the complete FDA compliance for perfluor elastomers 21 CFR 177.2400 (d1); (d2).

Material properties:

  • Universal resistance to chemicals
  • Broad temperature application range from –20°C up to +320°C
  • Excellent hot water and steam resistance
  • Lower compression set
  • Complete FDA compliance
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Long service life

CREAFLEX®  perfluor elastomers for sophisticated applications!

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