Savings potential for the user

  • Risk of a production breakdown is minimized:
    The use of CREACOMP® composites increases the reliability of pumps. So that the risk of pump breakdowns and therefore possible production breakdowns are minimized.
  • Higher service life of pumps:
    Greater running smoothness due to diminished vibrations and running noises by using CREACOMP®, which has excellent material damping characteristics; avoidance of total pump write-offs, as “seizing up” is avoided.
  • Increase in pump efficiency:
    Reduction of running clearances by up to 50%
  • Longer operating life of bearings and split rings:
    Higher resistance to wear and tear as well as corrosion of critical components, such as bearings, split rings and ball races.
  • Reduction of operating costs (Life Cycle Cost):
    For pumps from production to service costs
  • Fewer downtimes  due to longer maintenance intervals for production plant, problem-free installation, longer plant operating times
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