Media lubricated pump bearings made of CREACOMP® PT-Composites

  • For special operations, such as e.g. in offshore platforms, power plants or desalination plants, pumps are required where size, weight, energy and maintenance costs represent the key criteria. In such cases, process pumps with lubricated bearings are especially suited. These heavy-duty pumps are designed to be lighter and more compact and have a higher efficiency, since their bearings are lubricated directly by the medium being pumped. The demands on the material used for the bearing are very high, however.
  • Alternative materials, such as silicon carbide (SiC) and tungsten carbides are brittle and tend to easily form stress cracks and fracture. Despite its hardness, CREACOMP® PT-200 material has high ductility and is not sensitive to stroke and impact loads. This facilitates the structural design of the bearings, the assembly and transport of the pump and permits trouble-free pump operation, even under extreme operating conditions.
  • CREACOMP® PT-200 is able to outperform the running behavior of alternative materials used in media lubricated pump bearings.

We shall be happy to assist you with questions you have about the available CREACOMP® PT Composites and provide further detailed information on the various areas of application.


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