Split rings and bearings for extreme operating conditions

Pump bearings, split rings and sealing elements are important components in high-performance pumps, as they are used, for example, in power plants and in oil and gas processing.

CREACOMP® composite materials possess a unique combination of tribological and mechanical properties, as well as universal chemical resistance compared to metal. The resulting smoothness in running properties provides greater safety and reliability, a best possible cost-effectiveness of the production plant as well as low operating costs.

Reduce your costs with CREACOMP® !

As the use of CREACOMP® composite materials minimizes the risk of production breakdowns and at the same time the service life of pumps is increased, there is an enormous savings potential which can result for your company. Pumps can run for a very long period before maintenance has to be carried out, thanks to the high wear and corrosion resistance. At the same time, longer maintenance intervals mean fewer production downtimes and thus an increase in productivity.

Inform yourself on the savings potential and possible applications of CREACOMP®. We will be pleased to advise you and answer any questions.

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