LATEST INNOVATION - CREACOMP® LTE-1 - New generation of low thermal expansion hybrid composite materials

This bearing material has an excellent abrasive resistance and coefficient of thermal expansion, equal to stainless steel. CREACOMP® LTE-1 is a proprietary thermoplastic material with non-metallic bearing holder assembly, developed for use as bushing in pumps, handling abrasive media from -50°C up to +180°C continuous service temperature into pump applications. ...

LATEST INNOVATION CREAFLON® - PTFE Sealings used in extrem applications

Sealings are universally resistant to most media compared to all other plastics and elastomers. PTFE will not be attacked by solvents or other aggressive chemicals. It shows no change after contact with most chemicals. Moisture and UV radiation cause neither volume changes nor embrittlement. PTFE can be used at high temperatures and high pressures. ...

LATEST INNOVATION - CREALLOY® Metal Sealings – Perfekt in temperature range from –270°C to +650°C

In applications with extremly high or low temperatures, very long service life, high resistance against radiation and if a very low leakage rate is required, CREALLOY® Metal Sealings are perfect suited. ...

Createc has relocated to new premises

We've moved! The growing success and the steady growth in all areas, requires more space and effective structures. More customers, new markets and more and more employees have brought the previous existing premises to their limits. We have relocated and are now located just a few meters away from our old premises.

New FFKM Compound CREAFLEX® PFE-320

FFKM with the ultimate high temperature performance up to 320°C CREAFLEX® PFE-320 Perfluorelastomers show the ultimate performance among all elastomers and it is the highest temperature FFKM on the market today with extremely wide temperature range and outstanding physical properties.
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