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Createc: high-perfomance sealing technology for extreme operating conditions

Are you looking for an experienced and competent partner for special elastomers, which hold their promise even under the most extreme application conditions? Do your high-performance pumps and compressors have to work efficiently and safely all the time? You will then find what you have always been looking for - at Createc:

  • innovative materials, which are guaranteed to match your application one hundred percent and will make them safe and more efficient
  • highly specialized engineering for CREACOMP® composite materials, CREAFLEX® special elastomers and sealing systems.
  • many years of expertise and worldwide experience in the chemical, oil and gas industries as well as in food and pharmaceuticals

CREAFLEX® and CREACOMP® - innovative product solutions for demanding applications

For work processes in modern production plants, it is of considerable importance to work with high-quality components in the area of sealing technology. As a market leader and internationally operating company, we have specialized in the manufacture of such materials and are able to provide you with innovative product solutions for applications in the pump and chemical industries, as well as in medical device technology.

CREAFLEX® special O-rings have extraordinary product characteristics and are suitable for all kinds of different applications: Universal resistance to chemicals, broad temperature application range from -60C to +320C, excellent hot water and steam resistance, very good resistance in aggressive media, FDA compliance and USP VI approval.

Also, CREACOMP® composite materials possess excellent product characteristics. They are dimensionally stable, have extremely high strength and in comparison to metal possess a unique combination of tribological and mechanical properties. In addition, they are API 610 listed and offer a high degree of reliability and efficiency.

Are you interested in our products and would like to receive competent advice by specialists on the possible applications of CREAFLEX®CREACOMP® or MEDTEC? Then contact us, and we will be pleased to advise you!

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