High temperatures

Material no. Polymer type Temp. °C (min) Temp. °C (max) Temp. °F (min) Temp. °F (max) Area of application
HT-280 FEPM – 15° C + 280° C + 5° F + 536° F
  • Special AFLAS® compound for high temperatures up to +536°F in thermo-oil
  • Excellent resistance in acids, bases, amines, methanol and sour gas (H2S)
HT-230 FEPM – 15° C + 230° C + 5° F + 446° F
  • Standard AFLAS® compound with hot water/steam resistance up to +446°F, excellent resistance to CIP cleaning & SIP sterilization
HT-200 EPDM – 50° C + 200° C - 58° F + 392° F
  • Special EPDM compound with an excellent hot water/steam resistance up to +392°F
  • Best product in boiler feed pump test program with 8.000 h testing time

Lasting safety at high temperatures!

Hot water/steam presents the most problems in O-ring materials, especially at temperatures above 150°C, typically by high temperatures occur in power plants and technical process applications. Critical use applications for O-rings are pumps, fittings and mechanical gaskets.

CREAFLEX® HT elastomers offer exceptional resistance in connection with high temperature resistance up to +280°C. As the proven winner in extensive trials with hot water/steam in permanent operation and with a forecasted service life of 33,000 hours (4 years), industry leaders of pumps and fittings have already qualified CREAFLEX® HT and are using these materials successfully.

Material properties:

  • Extremely high temperature resistance up to +280°C
  • Excellent hot water and steam resistance
  • Very good resistance in aggressive media
  • Lower compression set and high resistance to ageing


CREAFLEX®  special elastomers for high temperature applications

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